Monday, november 11, 2019
Veterans day ceremony
clarendon war memorial

March 2019 22-13 Exhibit on display at Post 139

Scott LoBaido, 53, from Staten Island, N.Y is an artist who has devoted much of time to creating patriotic works of art all around the country. Much of his work has been dedicated to honoring veterans for their service and sacrifice to defend and safeguard the United States. LoBaido’s latest effort is the lighted “ 22-13 Exhibit” . This is his fourth tour since 2006. It will include travels to one post in each of the 13 original colonies in an effort to raise awareness of the issue of veteran suicide. A study by the Department of Veterans Affairs study indicates that every day 20 veterans take their own lives due to the effects of post-traumatic stress disorder and other combat related issues. The exhibit includes 22 figures of service members and the number 22, with the first 2 reversed to depict a heart surrounded by 22 pairs of boots.